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Marijuana – Some Drug Facts


Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs all over the world. It has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes, since ages. Despite all the claims regarding the effectiveness of medical marijuana for treating certain illnesses, including some of those that science has failed to cure yet, the drug still comes under the most serious category of controlled and illegal substances i.e. Schedule I, in many countries.


However, the classification of the drug does not seem to affect its consumption; it is the most commonly used illegal drug, worldwide.


Marijuana’s effects on the human body are not simple and easy to understand. The way marijuana affects a person’s mind and body depends on numerous factors, such as the strain of the drug that is used, the age and biology of the person, the dosage and the consumption methods, to name a few. This is why, different people experience different results after using marijuana; some find it highly effective in relieving symptoms of health problems, while others find it counter-productive. A lot of people start using marijuana without having proper information about the drug and end up with more problems. So it is recommended that you make an informed decision after knowing all the fundamental facts about the drug.


Where Does Marijuana Come From?


Marijuana comes from the flowers, buds, leaves, stems and seeds of the Indian hemp plant, also called Cannabis plant. The varieties of plant from which marijuana is derived are Sativa and Indica.


A dried mixture of all these parts of the plant is sold as marijuana. It is usually brown, gray or green in color.


Most Important Chemicals Of Marijuana Plant


The cannabis plant contains more than 400 different types of chemicals, but the most important are CBD (Cannabidiol ) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Scientific research has found that these two chemicals are responsible for producing the effects that marijuana is widely known for.


CBD is the chemical that is found to be beneficial for treating various health conditions, such as chronic pain and anxiety, whereas the THC is the one responsible for producing mind-altering or psychotropic effects. According to researchers, THC distorts the way human mind sees the world. THC is the chemical responsible for causing the ‘high’.


Alternative Names for Marijuana


Marijuana has a lot of different names. Some are:

  • Cannabis
  • Hash
  • Weed
  • Pot
  • Yarndi
  • Cone
  • Joint
  • Gunja
  • Dope
  • Stick


How It Is Used?


Cannabis is usually consumed in three forms:


  • Marijuana- The most common method of consuming cannabis is smoking the dried plant i.e. marijuana in a bong or joint.
  • Hash oil – The liquid form of drug is often consumed by adding it to the tip of a cigarette
  • Hashish – It is used in a variety of ways. The dried plant resin can be mixed with tobacco and smoked. Also, it can be added to various foods and baked. Hashish is widely used in brownies and cookies.
  • When smoked, the effects of cannabis are felt immediately. But, when eaten the drug takes about an hour to show its effects, which is why over-dosage is highly likely when a person is eating cannabis.


When smoked, the effects of cannabis are felt immediately. But, when eaten the drug takes about an hour to show its effects, which is why over-dosage is highly likely when a person is eating cannabis.

Effects of Recreational Usage


When used for recreational purposes, marijuana can cause following effects:

  • Mood alteration, such as euphoria or relaxation
  • Slight hallucinations
  • Recued blood pressure
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Reduced psychomotor coordination
  • Impairment of memory and coordination
  • Increased breathing rate
  • Increased appetite
  • Nausea
  • Altered sense of time
  • Delusions (when consumed in high quantities)
  • Difficulty in problem solving


An Interesting Fact


An interesting fact about cannabis is that the drug can be detected in urine even after months of its last usage.


Possible Side Effects


If the wrong strain of cannabis is consumed or the drug is consumed in large quantities, it can cause a number of side effects. These may include:


  • An increased risk for developing psychosis
  • Marijuana consumption for long periods can cause negative effects on the body’s immune system. As a result, the person becomes more susceptible to certain types of diseases, such as infections and even cancer.
  • Smoking marijuana increases the risk of developing gum related diseases
  • Studies have shown that regular consumption of marijuana for long time can have negative effects on functioning of brain and can even led to memory loss




To sum up, marijuana is a drug that cannot be freely consumed by anyone. Even when intended to use for medical reasons, the drug should be used after consultation with a doctor. This is because a variety of factors need to be considered to make sure the drug benefits a person. Using it on your own can cause many harmful effects on your mind and body. Cannabisy dispensaries are the best place to purchase cannabis, visit our website.


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