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5 Most Common Health Benefits of Using CBD Products

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5 Most Common Health Benefits of Using CBD Products

Cannabidiol is one of over 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won’t give you the colorful and euphoric high, and it’s legal in all 50 states. Cannabidiol comes with a myriad of health benefits and proves helpful in treating some severe illnesses, such as epileptic seizures, cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, or nausea. CBD can be applied in a form of oil, tincture or even capsules.


How Does CBD Work?


Our bodies are endowed by nature with the endocannabinoid system. It produces endocannabinoids that have a similar structure to cannabinoids found in marijuana. That being said, CBD interacts with certain endocannabinoid receptors. Many contemporary studies have found that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and antispasmodic properties. Although most of the evidence about the health benefits of CBD comes from animal studies, medical marijuana patients across the states claim that cannabidiol-based products help them in their daily struggles. Because CBD bolsters the process of neurogenesis, it is also used to fight cancer by stopping the growth of cancer cells.


How Can CBD Be Applied?


As cannabidiol can be easily extracted, it is then processed into a wide range of applications, including:



  • Cannabis tinctures. Tinctures are liquid cannabis concentrates that are usually applied under the tongue. Thanks to the mild level of concentration in comparison to THC-based concentrates, tinctures are invaluable for stress relief, chronic pain, and nausea. Because CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever, it’s safe for children, not to mention that you can find liquid tinctures in many tasty flavors. Usually, there is 1-20 mg of CBD per one tincture serving.


  • CBD capsules. Unlike tinctures, CBD capsules contain at least 25 mg of cannabidiol. It’s actually the easiest way to apply CBD, so this should be your strong go-to when you’re often on the run.


  • Cannabis topicals. If you’re looking for the most popular product for treating a wide range of pains and other types of physical discomfort, you should select cannabis-infused topicals. They can be applied directly to the skin so that they treat the pain directly in its location.


  • CBD oil. This is hands down the most popular CBD product. You can consume CBD oil in a variety of ways, namely by infusing your food with the oil, which will also add an intricate flavor. Not only can CBD oil mixed with plenty of super tasty dishes, but it is also used for beauty products.



5 Most Common Health Benefits of Using CBD Products


We still need more research on the use of CBD, but it is already happening, so there’s hope that we’ll soon discover more positive effects of cannabidiol on our bodies. So far, there are 5 most common health benefits of using CBD products you should be aware of:



  • Anti-inflammatory. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that interact with cell cultures and in animal subjects, so you can treat an array of aches and soreness. Furthermore, cannabidiol is capable of reducing pain linked with scoliosis and arthritis and, above all, doesn’t place any burden on your liver.


  • Anti-cancer. CBD inhibits cancer cell growth; thus, it proves invaluable when fighting tumors. Studies have found that cannabinoids in the cannabis plant have a strong pharmacological effect in our immune and nervous systems. That being said, cannabidiol is frequently used to heal the damaged caused by the side effects of chemotherapy. Last but not least, CBD is preservative to healthy cells, while being cytotoxic to those affected by cancer.


  • Anti-anxiety. Medical marijuana patients generally agree that cannabis helps them relieve anxiety, but there are voices claiming that it makes the situation worse. It’s because THC shows anxiety-driven properties when a certain threshold is breached. CBD counters this effect and is used for treating depression, PTSD, and other social anxiety disorders.


  • Anti-oxidant. Animal and human studies have found that CBD is a potent antioxidant and comes with neuroprotective properties. Actually, cannabidiol is a stronger antioxidant than vitamins C and E. Due to its neuroprotective potential, CBD can be useful in treating neurodegenerative illnesses, e.g. multiple sclerosis.


  • Anti-seizure. Since the 1980s, cannabidiol oil has been studied in terms of anti-seizure qualities and the research appeared positive. It’s a perfect treatment method for children suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy. CBD significantly decreases the frequency and harshness of seizures while producing no psychoactive effects at all.



Overall, as CBD becomes a widely discussed topic in both the medical community and media, we can anticipate more rigorous studies on the health benefits of using cannabidiol-based products. After all, patients should have the access to a safe and life-saving medication.

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