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THCA Crystalline

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Crystalline, also referred to as “crystals,” “THC crystals,” or “diamonds,” is a cannabis concentrate that comes in a solid state. It resembles coarse sugar, the kind typically used for decorating sugar cookies or glittering the tops of baked fruit pies. Crystalline is produced to be free of plant impurities or terpenes, which are the distinct aromatic and flavor qualities of a cannabis cultivar, or strain.

How can Crystalline be used?

Crystalline can be ingested orally, either added to a recipe when making Edibles, or dissolving in oil to create a Tincture-like product. For homemade Edibles, crystals can be dissolved in cooking oil or butter, and used as an ingredient in recipes. Olive oil and coconut oil are the most popular for dissolving crystal to make a Tincture-like product.

Crystalline can be smoked, or dabbed, using a dab rig.  A dab rig is a type of smoking apparatus, similar to a small water bong, that vaporizes heated Crystalline to be inhaled in single, measured dosages. Dabbing CBD or CBDA Crystalline allows users to feel non-intoxicating effects quickly, but dabbing THCA will produce the intoxicating effects of THC (which may explain why they’re often thought of as “THC crystals”).

To dab Crystalline, preheat a “nail” at one end of the dab rig device using a handheld butane torch. Once the nail reaches the correct temperature, use the spoon-shaped end of a dabber to scoop and pour the appropriate dosage of Crystalline on the nail. The crystals will instantly heat and vaporize on the heated nail. While inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece end of the rig, place a cap on the nail to catch as much vapor as possible.

THCA Crystalline can also be combined with other cannabis Concentrates, like Live Resin Shatter, to increase their potency. Mixing crystals with concentrates that have terpenes and other cannabinoids may aid the uptake of the THCA, CBDA or CBD into the body.


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