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Liquid Gold THC Capsules – Multiple Strength – Indica

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Per Container: 5 Liquid Capsules

Strength: As specified on label (Per Capsule)

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Liquid Gold THC Capsules pills can be VERY STRONG and not recommended, unless you are familiar with High- Strength Edibles.  If you are unsure what strength to start with, we recommend the 10mg caps, or if you are a regular Cannabis user with a higher than average tolerance, the 25 mg caps should be a good place to start. Always remember that ingesting Cannabis can take up to two hours for the full effect and affects each individual differently.

Liquid Gold caps are safe and discreet way to ingest medicinal Cannabis, top quality extracts are hand selected to acquire a broader Cannabinoid profile to maximize medical benefits. They are then expertly infused with organic avocado oil and encapsulated in non-GMO organic caps, excellent for treating chronic pain, anxiety, menstrual cramps, and many other medical conditions. Also it is an immune system booster when taken daily.

Each THC capsule is 100mg.

Caution: Taking Capsules on an empty stomach may cause cramps. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use responsibly. Always wait more than 1 hour before taking anymore caps, as the effects of edibles are delayed. 

Best use
These help all kinds of conditions including MS, insomnia and anxiety.

Good for people that don’t want to smoke or vape but want the benefits of cannabis.


Good for people that don’t want to smoke or vape but want the benefits of cannabis.



Organic coconut oil, pure indica CO2 extract.


*These pills may appear different then in photos. Fear not they are the same.


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50mg, 100mg, 200mg

  1. Wow these really are strong. I got the 100mg and didnt think they would be as strong as they were. I got them in sativa. I was still able function threw out the day

  2. Potent capsules. Its nice these come in high MG for THC

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