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Cannalope Haze

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Cannalope Haze


Like the name suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this strain is a great solution for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss. The smooth taste and hefty resin production make it great for producing concentrates.



Oh what a wonky weed web we weave. If you’ve ever spent more than a few minutes perusing a genetic tree for any strain of cannabis, chances are you’ve gotten a headache. Good thing you can find a strain that helps with headaches, right? While I’m not one to deny that the subtlest of nuances can have the most drastic outcomes on how a strain affects the smoker, there does come a point when the genetic makeup of a strain is overshadowed by its effects. There are indicas out there that will have you outside playing games, and there are sativas that will have mightiest insomniacs sleeping like a babe. In an attempt to unravel this tangled skein, I’ll start with a simple caveat that can be turned into words to live by; don’t trust everything you read online. Genetics are what you make of them, and a name is a name. With a tasty strain like Lemon Sour Diesel, there have been literally dozens if not hundreds of interpretations of what genetic parents make this child. One location will tell you it’s Headband mixed with OG Kush and another will state that it’s always California Sour and Lost Coast OG. To put it plainly, there are no regulations on naming your strains. This review is written on possibly the most straightforward and most obvious parents for Lemon Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze and the classic Sour Diesel. Super Lemon Haze has a rather mundane background and most growers will tell you it’s the combination of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. These two strains come together to create a hybrid strain leaning heavily to the sativa side of the spectrum. While the genetic make-up of Sour D is in the records, the who, how, and when are to remain a mystery despite many claims throughout the years. Sour Diesel is the combination of two strains, DNL and Original Diesel, which come together to form a skunky masterpiece. With skunk on both sides of the family tree, it’s easy to see why Lemon Sour Diesel has a delightful skunky aroma.

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1 review for Cannalope Haze

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very reasonably priced alot better than I thought. Good clean smoke.

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