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Blonde Kief

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Product Features:

  • Contains 39.1% THC (0.6 CBD)
  • Potent hit, effective for creating a soothing cerebral state.
  • Used for depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • Also beneficial for insomnia, pain and inflammation
  • Has appetitive-boosting properties.
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The term “kief” refers to the resin glands that contain terpenes and cannabinoids which are responsible for the high in cannabis. Blonde kief is basically made up of trichomes and are the small hairs that can be seen on buds that at times appear to be crystallized. Kief, which is also known as dry sift or pollen, is the most important part of the cannabis plant since it’s the concentrated part of cannabis that contains THC.

Blonde Kief is fine sift that’s really potent and delivers a nice hit but won’t knock you off your feet. It is also beneficial for its medicinal effectiveness. The effects of the resin are natural and clean as it is a naturally extracted cannabis concentrate. It doesn’t take long for the effects to set in, the heavy physical experience is accompanied by a soothing and uplifting cerebral state of mind. Blond Kief is also great for treating pain and inflammation. It is also suitable for depression, anxiety and PTSD, and has been known to be effective in insomnia. Blonde Kief also has certain appetite boosting properties which makes it a favorite amongst frequent users.

Expect to get heavy hitting smoke along with an enticing nose. The concentrate is also great for making hash.


How to Use it?

Most people who use blonde kief (or collect it) don’t seem to be aware of the multiple ways in which it can be used. Needless to say, the powerful concentrated form of cannabis can be used in more ways than one. Blonde Kief is made by removing the trichomes from the cannabis flowers. The trichomes are the small shiny, crystal-like pieces that form on the leaves of the cannabis plant and it is these crystals that contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids as compared to any other part of the cannabis plant. By removing these small crystal-like pieces from the actual plant, what you are able to get is far stronger than the actual buds that are normally used.

Here are three amazing ways you can use your Golden Kief:

  1. Smoking kief in a joint

Golden Kief can be smoked, which is the way most people use kief. But, this method can often times be messy since the kief is fine powder. Those who are looking to smoke a join with the kief should mix it with the buds for a cleaner taste. This gives the kief something to sit inside as it burns. By far, the best way of smoking kief is to sandwich it between the buds and wrap it in the paper.

  1. Smoking kief in a pipe

Smoking the kief in a pipe is also another option that is popular amongst stoners. It is crucial that the user be extremely careful while using this option, since the kief is significantly more potent as compared to the buds. To be safe, if you are using a large bowl, use the kief conservatively. Also, since kief can burn for a long time in a pipe, it is important to keep toking away. Kief does not stop to burn in the same way that the flowers do, so you will end up losing it if you aren’t smart while using kief. Blonde Kief also tastes great when vaped which is another great option.

  1. Pressing your kief into hash

Users of kief can create a hash brick with the kief, although it is not going to provide the same quality hash. To do that you are going to need a piece of parchment paper and a hair straightener. Just fold the parchment paper and place the kief inside, then press it between the hot plates of the hair straightener and voila!

Alternatively, another way of doing it is by placing an iron over the top. But, try not to hold it for too long or else the paper will burn, spoiling the taste. Hold the iron over the paper just as long as it takes for the kief to compress into a block. Now that it has been decarboxylated (read: heated), you can use the hash to either make some tea or sprinkle it on your pizza as a seasoning.

You see, there are more uses then one for Blonde Kief.

Product Features:

  • Contains 39.1% THC (0.6 CBD)
  • Potent hit, effective for creating a soothing cerebral state.
  • Used for depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • Also beneficial for insomnia, pain and inflammation
  • Has appetitive-boosting properties.

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    My rating is mixed…I love the Kief, use it to make brownies…but, I am bewildered by the packaging…I usually refer 7 grams, due to the discount…right now, they don’t have, nor did they when I last ordered…why not inventory as individual grams and manage the inventory that way? If I order 7, remove 7 from the total and give me my discount? An employee did it for me once, but now, the email response is abysmal and not at all helpful.

    Upshot? Good product, lousy inventory and worse service.

  2. Nice addition for my bong tokens!

  3. Nice supercharged my joints!

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