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91 Caviar Sample Pack 7g


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91 Assortment Packs are the best way to taste different 91 products all while saving big bucks on your order. Here’s your chance to try all the 91 Supreme Line where you can bundle up and still save. From our caviar products, pick 7g you would like to try and save some bucks!

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91 Caviar Pack

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction, better known as HTFSE is a sensory overload of cannabis molecules. Full spectrum extract begins from a fully dewaxed BHO oil. We then allow the terpenes the separate at room temperature while THCA boulders begin to isolate. After this separation begins, we split the two substances and reintroduce them, amplifying the flavour and character of the product.Approx THC 40-60%Approx CBD <1-10%Approx Terpene Content: 20-40ml/Gram


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