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Cannabis Use and Heart Health

Cannabis Use and Heart Health   Today, we live in a world where marijuana has become quite accessible, mainly due to the increasing knowledge about its therapeutic benefits. While the legalization of the drug in some parts of the world happened only recently, is cultivation and use for a variety of recreational and medicinal purposes dates back to thousands of years.   The widespread usage of medical cannabis for...

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Cannabis and Autoimmune Diseases   The immune system of our body is not only one of the most important one, but also the most complex one. In order to protect our body from bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign particles, it uses different sets of blood cells, such as neutrophils, leukocytes, lymphocytes and many others, to initiate numerous biological processes. It would not be wrong to say...

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cannabis cancer article medication cure

Cannabis and Cancer: A Cure or Just a Placebo?   One of the matters these days that is most searched up online is can cannabis cure cancer? Social media platform are filled with stories in which people claim that they got rid of the tumor by smoking cannabis joints. This has made people more curious and they are dying to know more and more about the subject.   Cannabis enjoys...

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Medical Marijuana and Crohn’s Disease   Anyone who has ever suffered from this inflammatory bowel disease will tell you how excruciatingly  painful it can be. This disease affects millions of people across the globe and it is characterized by inflammation of the digestive tract. The result is nausea, vomiting, more than the usual number of bowel movements, bad stomach pains among other discomforts.   While medication exists to combat...

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High Sobriety - by its definition, addiction is a dependence and unnatural attachment to any substance that is habit- forming. Overcoming it can be a monumental task since the condition takes both the mind and body hostage. Medical cannabis has been known to break that cycle and help patients on their way to healthier lives.   To understand addiction, we need to understand how it works. Take...

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Epilepsy is a debilitating condition that can literally paralyze those who have it. It is characterized by  strong and recurring seizures that can vary in intensity and frequency. These attacks are caused by disturbances in specific parts of the brain which trigger electrical storms in the neural pathways. Think of them as small but deadly ‘brainstorms’ that paralyze the person who plays host to this...

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Do you have a chronic skin condition that has left you frustrated beyond anything you have ever felt  before? Is your skin so itchy that you can’t go out in public anymore? Chances are those creams are not doing much to alleviate the discomfort either. This is where cannabis –infused topical can help you. You can order marijuana topical online but it’s best to know...

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What are cannabinoids

What are Cannabinoids? If you have ever used marijuana for medicinal purposes, then you must have an idea about how beneficial it is for health. However, have you ever wondered why that is? What does this plant contain that allows it to alleviate conditions that traditional meds fail on?   Besides an effective treatment for a number of medical conditions, medical cannabis owes most of its...

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how to use medical marijuana

  How you can consume medical cannabis safely medical marijuana administration is an alternative medicine that is used by patients across the globe to reduce the painful symptoms of several medical conditions. This includes complications that do not respond well to traditional healing methods and drugs. Cannabis or marijuana is also known to have several therapeutic properties that no other medication (including OTC ones) can provide.   When used...

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The benefits of cannabis are vast, we have summarized a few benefits here, but you can read the complete list of health benefits of cannabis here. Marijuana vs Prescription Meds – Why marijuana is always preferable There is a reason why big Pharma does not want cannabis legalized as a medical aid. They know the benefits it offers surpass the ones prescription meds offer. In fact, medical...

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