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Medical Uses of Marijuana

Cannabis or marijuana has been a part of medical history and its denial as a miracle medicine is not new. However, unlike our predecessors, we have access to technology that has allowed us to use this plant safely and effectively. The result is thousands of people who have benefited from its use when traditional medication failed them.


The cannabis plant contains about 400 different chemicals which is what makes this plant alleviate a number of complex conditions. Here are some of the uses of medical marijuana that have changed the life of many patients for the better:


Alleviates nerve pain


The most common use of medical cannabis anywhere in the world is as a pain relief, particularly pain pertaining to nerve damage. This type of pain is common in people who suffer from diabetes, are recovering from spinal surgery, AIDS among others. Most pain killers prescribed for these conditions are addictive, something which cannabis cannot be accused of.


Alleviates Nausea


Medical cannabis has been known to alleviate the discomfort and nausea that intense chemotherapy sessions can induce in cancer and AIDs patients. Pills that are made from this plant have been found to be more effective at treating patients who suffer these symptoms when anti-nausea medication fail. The drug is also known to stimulate appetite, something which recovering patients need to eat enough to regain their strength.


Stops epileptic attacks


Epileptic attacks can hit at any time and the consequences can be severe if they are prolonged. Certain strains of cannabis and cannabis oil which is high in CBD are known to reduce the number of seizures in both adults and children.


Those who suffer from Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome are particularly grateful for the medication – the violent seizures that set these two conditions apart from the rest can be difficult to control but medical cannabis has been known to alleviate them effectively.


Stops muscle spasms

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating condition because it induces muscles spasms that are so powerful at times that it makes patients helpless. The attack can happen anytime leaving sufferers at the mercy of the condition. Oral sprays that contain CBD or THC are known to stop these attacks as they are happening and beforehand as well. It does this by relaxing the muscles.


Treats Crohn’s Disease


Crohn’s Disease is a debilitating condition that literally makes patients double over in pain. The inflammatory bowel disease irritates the lining of the small intestine making digestion difficult. However, those who smoke cannabis that is high in THC do not need the medication or the surgery required to correct this condition.

Alleviates anxiety


Certain strains of marijuana are known to reduce anxiety and the stress that comes with it. The most common ones are Indica strains which are known for the relaxing effect they induce. The strain induces a high without triggering psychoactive effects that can debilitate. The strain also promotes sleep for anxious people who spend their nights tossing and turning.


Treats depression


Certain strains of cannabis such as Sativa are known to reduce depression because it energizes as it is consumed. It also increases focus thus preventing those who suffer from depression to refocus. Think of the effects as similar to those you get when you drink coffee but with a higher buzz.


Treats Parkinson’s Disease


Those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease are all too familiar with how painful it can be. The condition causes severe muscle contractions that can leave a patient howling in pain if it is serious enough. Ongoing research has determined that medical cannabis can alleviate those symptoms by reducing the tremors of this neural disorder.


Combats withdrawal


Cannabis is a good remedy for combating withdrawal symptoms that are common in those trying to get over their addiction for meds. These include those who abuse opiates and benzodiazepines as well as alcohol. In fact, it is so effective that some have labelled it as a gateway drug that allows them to return to a healthier lifestyle.


Medical cannabis does that by alleviating the physical withdrawal symptoms and the stress that comes with it which can otherwise trigger a comeback of the addiction. This is fascinating because alcohol is socially accepted as less harmful than cannabis when in fact it does more harm in comparison.


Treats inflammation


Cannabis products are known for their analgesic benefits as well as their ability to reduce inflammation in certain conditions. These include arthritis along with the pain that comes with it. Most patients who use the drug report that they do not feel the need for steroids or other traditional meds that are meant to treat this condition.


Helps reduce weight


If smoked, cannabis is known to increase appetite which spells good news for patients suffering from nausea or anorexia. Rather than trigger the ‘munchies’, it intensifies taste buds so food just tastes better. The drug also regulates insulin production in the body which increases caloric intake automatically.


Prevents/regulates diabetes


Medical marijuana has been known to not only treat but prevent the onset of diabetes. As mentioned before, it does this by regulating the production of insulin in the body which not only reduces weight, but also makes the body healthier.


Slows down Alzheimer’s and treats ADHD


The THC found in medical cannabis can remove the toxic plaque that covers the brains of those suffering from Alzheimer’s. While the drug cannot cure the disease, it can slow down the process thus allowing users and patients to live a longer and healthier life.


Similarly, medical marijuana is known for treating the effects of ADHD if it is used in moderation. In small and regulated doses, the drug can improve concentration and focus, something which ADHD patients are known to suffer from. It is considered a safer alternative to prescription drugs such as Adderal and Ritalin which are known for their crippling side effects.


The bottom line is that medical marijuana can treat and alleviate a number of complex conditions that can otherwise debilitate patients and compromise their quality of life. Unlike traditional meds, it has little to no side effects which makes it a safer alternative. Order your marijuana miracle from an online dispensary today. You can buy weed online if you cannot visit a dispensary.


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