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Epilepsy is a debilitating condition that can literally paralyze those who have it. It is characterized by  strong and recurring seizures that can vary in intensity and frequency. These attacks are caused by disturbances in specific parts of the brain which trigger electrical storms in the neural pathways. Think of them as small but deadly ‘brainstorms’ that paralyze the person who plays host to this condition.


Most children who have epilepsy die prematurely because of a lack of efficient medication available to combat those effects. The attacks can be severe enough to cause tragic accidents so there is a dire need for drugs that can nip them in the bud.


What happens during an epileptic seizure?


Before understanding how medical cannabis can prevent seizures from occurring in the first place, we need to understand how they are triggered first. Seizures occur when brain cells fire electric impulses uncontrollably. These can be triggered by a high fever as well or inadequate blood flow to the brain, which this condition can result in.


Epilepsy causes multiple seizures and it can be either inborn or developed later in life. Some people can also acquire it if they suffer from a blow to the head, brain damage or undergo brain surgery. Either of these conditions can trigger immense electrical activity throughout the brain or in one specific area.


When a seizure hits, the brain stops working normally leading to blackouts and memory loss. That’s why most people who suffer from this condition cannot recall if they have an attack and what happened before it. That’s because the attacks disrupt the neural circuitry in the brain which forms and stores memories. Neurosurgeons call it TEA or Transient Epileptic Amnesia, an apt name for a condition that can disrupt a person’s way of life.


These seizures can be deadly if they are not curbed. Even though there is medication available to combat it, most people stop taking them because at one point they stop working for them. The seizures are as unique as the patients who suffer from them which makes epilepsy particularly difficult to treat.

Cannabis has been proven to work on children who suffer from this condition and several successful cases have put a spotlight on the miraculous effects. Despite its classification as a narcotic by the government, medical cannabis has been proven to stop seizures as they happen.


The thing is most people who suffer from epilepsy do not respond to medication or they do not respond favorably to it. Therefore, certain regulations regarding the consumption and proliferation of medical cannabis have allowed them to get the relief they need and deserve. However, before considering this option, you should have your epilepsy evaluated to determine the type of cannabis you should consume.


Side effects of conventional treatments


Most people who suffer from epilepsy are prescribed anticonvulsants which are drugs that contain certain harmful ingredients. These often result in negative side effects and most are ineffective in stopping seizures.


These two effects have lead to many patients turning to cannabis oil as a safer alternative. Typical drugs fail to provide the results and relief this oil promises and most anticonvulsants can trigger hair loss, nausea, liver failure, depression, blurry vision, sleep disturbance and mood swings to name a few.


How cannabis oil helps


This makes the use of CBD oil or cannabis oil more relevant when it comes to treating epileptic attacks through safe and effective means. The oil has anticonvulsant properties and contains more than 80 types of cannabinoids such as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, CBD or cannabidiol is the chemical which has an instant soothing effect on epileptic seizures.


The properties of this chemical work on different targets such as calcium and glutamate receptors antagonists in the brain. This affects the neurotransmitters responsible for sending messages to and from the brain through neurons which in turn stop the brain activity that can lead to debilitating seizures.


Appropriate dosage


That is not to say that anyone who suffers from epilepsy can just shoot marijuana whenever they feel an attack coming on and without determining proper dosage. The best way to figure out how much you need is to adjust as you go. Take it slow by taking a little at a time and then increase or decrease as needed.


If you are a new consumer, do not go for more than 5mg in the beginning. That is just enough to give relief without inducing a high. If you take multiple doses in a day, take note of any negative or positive effects you feel. If you are an experienced user of cannabis, you can go for higher doses up to 25 mg and adjust from there as per your needs.


At this point you need to be patient and vigilant when you are dosing. Some people need very small doses of medical cannabis to alleviate seizures while some won’t feel the effects of higher doses. Different people have different reactions to it so you might need some time to determine the proper amount you need and how you should consume it. Some effects may be felt immediately while other effects might take time to build up. This can happen if you consume cannabis to treat epileptic seizures.


The bottom line is that epilepsy can be a disruptive condition if it is not controlled in a timely manner. It can also lead to death especially in children who are born with it. Medical cannabis has been known to work where traditional medication failed and it is finally getting the recognition it deserves from the scientific community.


It is high time that this miracle plant is recognized for its healing and soothing potential and allowed to proliferate the market for those who need relief from their own conditions. If people are allowed to buy weed online without being judged for it, the condition might even be cured.


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