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What Are the Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

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What Are the Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

Marijuana is known for its unique healing abilities and for good reason. Besides leaving users high and happy, it can also be used to improve quality of life by improving sleep, creativity and mood. Here are a few benefits of cannabis that people have been using to treat medical conditions:


As a Glaucoma treatment


Marijuana has been known for treating a range of eye conditions such as glaucoma. This condition places pressure on the eyeball which results in vision loss as the optic nerve is damaged. Marijuana is known to decrease that pressure (also known as IOP or intraocular pressure) when it is smoked and it is also known to slow down the disease and prevent blindness.


As a Cancer treatment


In certain studies it has been discovered that marijuana triggers cell death in several types of cancer cells. It is also known to reduce nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy through THC and other cannabinoids. Marijuana is also known for reducing the mass and volume of most tumors in the lungs.


For pain relief


Certain medical conditions can cause pain in parts of the body that traditional pain meds fail to work on. If left untreated chronic pain can debilitate a person to the extent that everyday tasks seem monumental to them. Many fail to take advantage of job opportunities that could improve their income and which promise a better quality of life.


Certain strains of the medical marijuana are known for reducing pain of medical conditions that do not respond to traditional pain medication. These include but are not limited to migraines, back pain, arthritis, nerve damage among others.


Even though strong pain medication such as morphine can work, they can become addictive and there is a constant threat of dependence. If consumed irresponsibly, these can be fatal which is opposed to cannabis. Medical marijuana is not as addictive and it does not result in adverse health issues if users take more than necessary.


The pain killing ability of this miracle herb is owed to cannabinoids which work directly on the brain and throughout most parts in the body.


As a treatment for nausea, THC and appetite


Even though obesity is serious health issue we face, its cousin, malnourishment is also as deadly. Caloric deficiencies can lead to serious health complications such as poor circulation, growth stunts, vitamin deficiencies and even heart failure.


Besides people who suffer from anorexia, patients undergoing chemotherapy also experience a reduction in appetite which can lead to malnourishment and depression. In both cases, neither person can make themselves eat because they just don’t feel hungry.


If you are one of these people, chances are you are struggling to maintain a healthy appetite as well. Before you get severely underweight, consuming cannabis can stimulate your appetite enough that your body can get the nutrients it needs. The best part is that marijuana does not result in weight gain because you only eat as much as is beneficial for your body.


As a treatment for mood disorders and anxiety


Emotional disorders can be just as deadly, painful and disruptive as physical disorders and conditions. Certain ones such as PTSD, anxiety and chronic insomnia can lead to strained interpersonal relations and harmful thoughts. Existing meds for emotional disorders do more harm than good and work at varying degrees at best. These also have several dangerous side effects that can lead to a poor quality of life.


Medical marijuana offers a range of alternative treatments that are not only effective in treating the aforementioned disorders, but they have little to no side effects either. Medical cannabis can be used alongside psychiatric medications safely but a consultation beforehand is always advisable.


As a treatment for chronic pain


As mentioned before, medical marijuana has been used to treat chronic pain to great effect. It is particularly effective for women who suffer from chronic pain from menstrual cramps and migraines. The discovery of cannabinoid receptors along with the development of processes that could synthesize it into consumable forms has resulted in several cannabis-infused meds that can treat chronic pain.


As a source for vitamins and fiber


If we look at it from purely biochemical point of view, raw cannabis has all of the components we need to live a healthy and happy life. It is an abundant source of fiber, minerals and vitamins such as K (which is essential for blood clotting), vitamin C (great for the immune system), calcium (good for bone growth), Folate (works to repair DNA).


Cannabis is rich in fiber which makes it great for those who have a weak appetite or are dependent on dietary supplements to induce appetite. Those do more harm than good because they come with harmful side effects which medical cannabis does not have. Order the genuine article from an online dispensary and see the difference yourself.


As a treatment for skin disorders


Medical marijuana has also been used to make topical and tinctures to treat a range of itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Cannabinoids have been known to treat these skin conditions by acting on CB1 receptors in the skin. Cannabinoids attune allergic responses in that it prevents the condition from erupting on the skin which leads to a decrease in inflammation. These also block CB2 receptors which lead to the same result.


Cannabis has been used topically for years because of its effectiveness. It absorbs easily in the skin and it does so without being invasive. It also reduces pain in affected sites and is also beneficial for the central nervous system. The best part is that it can reach areas that are to be treated and steer clear of areas that don’t need to be treated. Topical alcohol swabs for instance are great for treating arthritic pain and sore muscles and it can also be used to treat cuts, scrapes and infections.


If you are suffering from a condition that does not respond to traditional meds, give marijuana a try. Besides improving your quality of life, it can go a long way in helping you see the end of your ailment. Buy weed online now and see the last of your suffering. If you interested in Cannabis online, you can find where to buy cannabis in Canada here.



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