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Do you have a chronic skin condition that has left you frustrated beyond anything you have ever felt  before? Is your skin so itchy that you can’t go out in public anymore? Chances are those creams are not doing much to alleviate the discomfort either. This is where cannabis –infused topical can help you. You can order marijuana topical online but it’s best to know what you are getting yourself into first.


These are made of cannabinoids which are cannabis components that act as anti-inflammatory agents. These can be harnessed to treat a range of skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis to name a few.


Benefits of cannabis topicals on skin conditions


Cannabis topicals come in lotions, balms and oil form and are used not only as anti-inflammatories, but also to sooth tired muscles, painful joints and burns. These offer the soothing effects of marijuana without the high which it is known to induce. As acceptance of medical cannabis increases, the acceptance of marijuana topical is also on the rise.


These are suitable for anyone because you cannot get high off them. This makes cannabis topicals an all natural and effective way to treat skin conditions without harmful side effects.


This is important because our skin is the largest organ we have and it allows us to communicate with stimuli. It tells us whether we are cold or hot and basically helps us understand our environment. It is also the first line of defence we have against harmful pathogens and a variety of other substances that can do us harm.


Therefore, it is not surprising why it heals quickly when it tears. The specialized immune cells it has allows our skin to knit itself quickly and protect us from further harm. Cannabis interacts with these cells when it is applied directly on the skin and it speeds up that healing process. When it is applied, the compounds it contains bind to those cell receptors in the immune cells thus giving almost instant relief.


This effect is especially beneficial if you suffer from allergic rashes on your skin. Cannabinoids contain active compounds that are immuno-suppressant which means that they dampen our immune response to certain stimuli such as inflammation.


So if your skin flares up because of an allergic reaction, it means that the cells in your immune system have had an inflammatory response. This is a common reaction in people who suffer from eczema which can be triggered if your skin is extra sensitive to dust, pollen or animal dander. Flare-ups can be difficult to sooth especially it is easily triggered.


Eczema actually refers to a range of skin conditions and irritations but dry and itchy skin is common in all. Rashes in the crease of the elbows, hands, feet and knees are common but in severe cases, the affected skin can bleed, crack and blister which can be quite painful.


The skin condition is also known as atopic dermatitis and it affects more people than we think. Even though both environmental and genetic factors play a role in triggering it, this condition can still wreak havoc on anyone who suffers from it.


The most common form of treatment is light therapy and steroids but most people do not find relief from either. In fact, prolonged exposure to said treatments can lead to adverse conditions such as acnem rosacea, skin atrophy, hyperglycaemia and hypo-pigmentation among others.


The bottom line is irrespective of the type of skin condition you have, if it remains itchy or painful, it will never heal. Cannabis oils and creams can reduce that inflammatory response which will then allow your skin to heal and return to normal as well. It does not have any negative side effects as such and is safer to use than steroids.


Many cannabis-infused balms contain hydrating oils as one of the main ingredients but different online dispensaries stock different products. Since most marijuana topicals are made in small batches, you can find these easily. Aim for topical that contain hemp seed oil and activated cannabis. The former comprise of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that are great for the body, cell production and overall skin health.


The thing is the market is filled with creams, balms and lotions that ‘promise’ healing abilities that do more harm than good. Many contain ingredients that do untold harm to the skin and get absorbed in the blood stream so whatever those flashy ads promise, don’t believe a word of it. Cannabis skin care topicals have emerged as products that are made specifically for the endocannabinoid system and its receptors.


The beauty of these balms, creams, oils and lotions is that all of them contain CBD or THC as their main ingredient or a combination of both. These two components are the reason why cannabis works where traditional meds fail. Both are readily available for the manufacture of cannabis topicals and according to the amount required as per skin condition.


Besides allergic skin conditions, cannabis topicals are also used to treat burns and make pain bearable quickly when it is administered topically. The treatment can be location-specific and without causing people to feel as if they are high. This makes these topicals a safer and more cost effective means of treating painful and itchy skin conditions.


Besides healing itch skin, cannabis infused tinctures have been known to reduce joint pain by reducing inflammation in the affected areas. This spells good news for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, applying cannabis topically also improves skin health, improve its elasticity, reduce acne and result in younger looking skin overall.


So if you suffer from a skin condition that refuses to heal on its own or fails to react to traditional skin care creams, you need to give cannabis topicals a try. The healing powers of this miracle drug have already been proven and the good news is that its effects are long lasting. Even if you have never smoked marijuana in your life, you will still be able to appreciate the benefits you will see on the skin once you use topicals. Buy weed online to get the best products.


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