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High and Driving: Everything You Need to Know About Driving While High


Years of study has discovered that cannabis has a calming, or numbing, the effect on your reaction time and capability to make a decision. It is said that if you drive while under the influence of marijuana, you up your chances of a car crash by 300%.


Whether fatal or non-fatal, car crashes become inevitable when you drive after consuming cannabis. When you drive under the influence of marijuana your attention span and focus gets severely affected. This, in turn, compromises your hand-eye coordination by a great deal.


Driving simulators have demonstrated that people under the influence find steering challenging, are unable to follow cars at the right place, and are confused when trying to find their place in the lane, and, the worst of all, are unable to keep a better check of their speed.


When you drive high you risk running into a lot of unrepairable problems such as being involved in a car crash. This is one of the most common occurring accidents that have heard to occur when people drive after consuming cannabis. You might also hurt or kill yourself, or others when you are under the influence.
Marijuana, when consumed, can take you into a different state which is the total opposite of a sane one. It will disorient your mind and make you see, think, and believe things that might not be true and potentially harmful.


This would, in turn, lead you to, unwittingly, take certain steps that prove not only detrimental to you but to others around you. You must hear of certain unpleasant incidences in which a person attacked or threatened to attack themselves or another person whilst under the heavy influence.


This could be especially dangerous if a person is suffering from PTSD. This is why it is highly recommended that such people, who are highly vulnerable to the unfavorable tendencies that the drug might produce, stay inside their safe spaces once they smoke marijuana. Due to the budding danger that people under the influence pose to the pedestrians, drivers, and other public on the road, police has been kept on high alert to check for anyone who might be driving whilst high.


If you are caught driving while high, you might either get arrested or be penalized to pay a hefty fine and have your license revoked. If you’re under the influence driving causes the death or injury of someone, you could be hit with a criminal record which would have a severe negative impact on your future.


The rate at which your driving skills contort and mellow down while under the influence depends on how much you really consumed it. This means that the more you use it the worse your situation gets. This is common for any situation that involves marijuana, you might think that consuming marijuana is harmless for health which is true, but when you step out onto the roads in public you become a potential danger to yourself and those around you.


The THC present in the marijuana, the main ingredient of the drug, is processed by the people at different rates. This means that marijuana has the probability of staying in your system hours after you have consumed it. It is recommended that you wait for at least 6 -7 hours after ingesting marijuana into your system. It would be preferable to wait up to eight to ten hours before setting out on the road if you are experiencing “euphoria”.


Drivers have admitted to taking over the steering wheel just an hour after using marijuana or were passengers in the cars that were driven by people who had consumed marijuana. However, over the years due to ceaseless debate on the use of marijuana before or while driving, and the backlash over the notion, many people have started to avoid driving while experience an “all-time high”.


Considering the fact that marijuana has the power to impair the driving skills of the driver completely, the law shows high concern over the use of marijuana before and during driving. Those who are suspected to have used marijuana by the police are now subjected to roadside drug testing. This would involve having the role a plastic swab on your tongue to supply saliva for drug use testing.


So how do you know if you are still high enough to not be driving? We, the consumers of marijuana, might become mistaken of how high we really are. If you wish to be careful when there are certain signs that you can look for which might indicate that going out at that moment might not be the best idea:


Bloodshot eyes. This is an easy one, all you have to do is look in the mirror. If you notice that the whites of your eyes are redder than usual when you are still incredibly high and should refrain from doing much of physical activity.


Delayed time of reaction: if you feel that when someone says something to you and your reaction is much more delayed than usual, as in you feel it takes you a significant amount of time to conjure up your thoughts and relay them, then you will perform the same way when you are driving.


Anxious and panicky: this is a common effect of marijuana highly infused with THC. It leads the person to view their surroundings through a distorted lens and be overcome with fear and worry.
Poor coordination: if you reach out to hold something or do some activity and you feel that the coordination between you and the object is poor, then you are certainly the way to heavily under the influence to be able to drive.


It is imperative that you restrain yourself from driving when you are high. This will work, not only to save yourself but to protect those around you as well.

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