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We pride ourselves on providing a unique, friendly and welcoming Canada Marijuana Mail Order Service, with the highest Cannabis products.

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.   Eligibility: Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to those who sign up at the online sweepstakes page and who are 19 as of the date of entry. The sweepstakes is only open to legal residents of Canada and is void where prohibited by law. Employees of Cannabisy (the “Sponsor”) their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion...

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marijuana some drug facts cannabisy

Marijuana – Some Drug Facts   Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs all over the world. It has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes, since ages. Despite all the claims regarding the effectiveness of medical marijuana for treating certain illnesses, including some of those that science has failed to cure yet, the drug still comes under the most serious category of controlled and illegal substances...

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high and driving stimulate cannabisy

High and Driving: Everything You Need to Know About Driving While High   Years of study has discovered that cannabis has a calming, or numbing, the effect on your reaction time and capability to make a decision. It is said that if you drive while under the influence of marijuana, you up your chances of a car crash by 300%.   Whether fatal or non-fatal, car crashes become inevitable...

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Cannabis Use and Heart Health

Cannabis Use and Heart Health   Today, we live in a world where marijuana has become quite accessible, mainly due to the increasing knowledge about its therapeutic benefits. While the legalization of the drug in some parts of the world happened only recently, is cultivation and use for a variety of recreational and medicinal purposes dates back to thousands of years.   The widespread usage of medical cannabis for...

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what is building a tolerance

When you consider how you felt after your first cup of coffee and compare it to your current 100th cup of coffee, you will realize the difference between the first time the effect of the beverage kicked in and how fast it kicks in now, you will see that the effect of the drink is much slower, if at all, than it was before.   When you...

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medical marijuana cannabisy buy weed

Medical Uses of Marijuana Cannabis or marijuana has been a part of medical history and its denial as a miracle medicine is not new. However, unlike our predecessors, we have access to technology that has allowed us to use this plant safely and effectively. The result is thousands of people who have benefited from its use when traditional medication failed them.   The cannabis plant contains about 400...

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Buy weed online

What is Autism?   Known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, Autism defines a wide range of complex disorders of the brain. The symptoms include difficulty to interact socially, issues with physical and verbal communication and repetitive behavioural patterns.   ASD is also known as classical ASD and it is considered to be the most severe version of the condition. Other types include Asperger’s Syndrome and development disorders...

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What are cannabinoids

What are Cannabinoids? If you have ever used marijuana for medicinal purposes, then you must have an idea about how beneficial it is for health. However, have you ever wondered why that is? What does this plant contain that allows it to alleviate conditions that traditional meds fail on?   Besides an effective treatment for a number of medical conditions, medical cannabis owes most of its...

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