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How Do You Choose and Purchase the Best Medical Marijuana?

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how to buy medical marijuana

How Do You Choose and Purchase the Best Medical Marijuana?


Dosing is the most important thing you have to consider when it comes to using medical cannabis. There are a number of ways to use the drug but you have to determine how you need to use it accurately. Here are some ways you can use it in a beneficial manner:


The components of medical marijuana and how they are used


Not all cannabis is the same and neither is the hits you get from them. If you have smoked a couple of times, you will know the difference. While one strain can energize you, another might bring down your energy levels. It all comes down to your choice of strains and the affects you are looking for in your weed.


If this is the first time you are selecting medical cannabis for use, then you might find the process complicated at first. There are hybrids available that can give you mixed results so you need to be careful when purchasing. Understanding the strains and mixtures involved will help you make an informed decision.


Cannabis comprises of more than 400 chemicals and about 80 cannabinoids all of which are different from one another. If you know how to choose marijuana according to your condition, you can get the precise affects you are searching for.


The main chemicals that are found in medical cannabis include THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or Cannabindiol which are isolated when the drug is processed for cannabis oils and products. Both can be found in most cannabinoids in the market.


You can smoke your medical cannabis the traditional way but the way you use or distribute it should be influenced by where you live. So before buying, make sure you know Canadian laws you need to adhere to.


Medical marijuana is usually smoked but it can also be eaten if it is incorporated in edibles. If you smoke it, you will get all of the benefits from the CBD and THC present in it along with other chemicals that arise when the plant is combusted. In fact, the heat activates certain chemicals in the plant that increase those healing effects and especially on anxiety and seizures.


You can ingest marijuana infused oils if you need a more concentrated form of this miracle drug. It can also be rubbed on the skin and smoked from a vaporizer. There are number of different oils you can get and each comes with different concentrations of marijuana. Some oils that are made from hemp only contain CBD so you need to be vary when choosing.


The best way to make the right decision is to determine the concentration you need. Hemp oils may not contain THC, but they are a great source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids once they are absorbed. It can also be used to regulate dosage. You can also go for THC oil or cannabis oil that comes with high levels of this chemical. This is made from the female part of the marijuana plant thus the concentration level.


Some time back the most popular way to consume cannabis was by incorporating it into brownies. However, you can get a variety of edibles now ranging from candy to mints and even ice cream. Those who are working to lose weight can also incorporate it into granola bars and other healthy items.


The hit you will get will be delayed because the body will process it more slowly. Edibles have to pass through our digestive track first and then through the liver so they take time to take effect. This is different from smoking which gives you an instant hit because the fumes go straight to the head.


Types of cannabis strains and their effects


The following are common marijuana strains you can get to treat certain medical ailments and symptoms that do not respond to traditional medication.


Indica Strains–The Indica strains of the cannabis is the traditional one that acts as a sedative or gives you a ‘stoned’ feeling. It acts as a muscle relaxant by reducing tension making them highly effective in dealing with muscle spasms and tremors that can be caused by Parkinson’s disease. It is also known to alleviate chronic pain, stiffness from arthritis, swelling and anxiety. Indica strains act in a centralized location of the body so it distributes evenly throughout.


Sativa Strains – Sativa offers a ‘high’ or a sense of euphoria when it is consumed and the effects are felt not only in the body but in the mind as well. This makes it an effective solution for nausea caused by chemo or HIV meds. It is also known for stimulating appetite, treating depression and migraines.


Indica/Sativa Strains–If you want both effects, you can always go for hybrid strains that marry Indica and Sativa. The result is a medical cannabis that offers effects of both kinds of cannabis. This is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic pain since both strains can treat it.


Combining the strains results in a strain of cannabis that clears the head and decreases sedative effects when it is consumed. Depending on which strain is added to which, the resulting product can reduce anxiety. Many Indica/Sativa strains of medical cannabis comprise of both genes in equal measure.


Some people experiment with different strains to check which one suits them and can treat their ailment. Sativa strains are more beneficial for the ‘high’ they give and especially for those who wish to use it in the day when they need to remain awake to work. Indica strains on the other hand are beneficial for those who wish to use it during the evening or before bed at night so they can relax. Hybrid varieties offer the best of both worlds but they are not suitable for every patient.


The bottom line is the best way to choose which medical marijuana will suit you is to see what you need to treat beforehand. Determining the symptoms, you need to treat is a good starting point for selecting an appropriate strain.


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