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Cannabis in the Work Place: How to Use Cannabis to Your Advantage Without Anyone Knowing


Since the emergence of marijuana, it has been used for a lot of purposes. It gained popularity ever since Bob Marley came into the scene, as people were most awed not just by his enchanting music, but also by how relaxed and calm his demeanor was.


A lot of people have considered marijuana to be the greater alternative of stimulants such as alcohol and experimental drugs. The scientists began to research the reason for its such tranquil effects on a person but the more they explored, the more the possibility came to them that marijuana could hold greater powers than we might actually know of.


Since then marijuana has been recommended for medical reasons as well. People suffering from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and chronic pain disorder have all reported considerable improvement in their condition after the use of CBD. Since then, studies on marijuana branched out into how it may make people much more efficient during work or with their studies.


As marijuana is considered to be mostly safe, scientists are hoping that it might help a lot of people switch to using it during work so that they are able to move away from drugs like caffeine or prescription drugs which might have certain side effects.


People who suffer from ADD or ADHD struggle a lot with their studies or work. They are often forced to take certain medications which have temporary effects. To some, the prescribed pills might even come with some added side effects. Since marijuana has been used to curb a lot of psychological and physical restraints, people have found that it helps people focus as well. This post will talk about the cannabis strains that you can use which will not only help you focus but also have a low odor so that you can smoke away undetected.


Strains that help you focus


Harlequin – Sativa


This is a very unusual cannabis item. This sativa is heavily infused with CBD and has a significantly lower THC content, which allows the user to keep their focus intact. Harlequin is mellow when it comes to producing any sort of added psychoactive effects, so you can use this marijuana strain in the workplace very easily without worrying about anyone realizing that you are high.


Green Crack- Sativa


This is the one crack which can make you let go of the caffeine. It is known to produce such incredible levels of energy in the body that the person using it feels stimulated without having to consume any coffee. It helps with the overall functionality, and not only that, it also does not lead you to crash once the effects of it wear off. This will allow you to blow through the day without anyone really discovering that you have consumed marijuana.


Cannadential – Hybrid


This is a very potent strain, having a THC content of 22%. This is a great solution for those suffering from migraines, depression, nausea, fatigue, and issues with maintenance of focus. The best thing about Cannadential is that it is not sleeping inducing. This cannabis not only makes you more alert but also helps you experience a peaceful feeling that will enhance your creativity.


Cinex – Sativa


This cannabis is notorious for making you feel absolutely ready for the day. It has a THC content of 25% which is what works really hard to keep you awake and alert. It helps with diseases such as nausea, chronic pain, ADD, PTSD, anxiety, etc. You can smoke this in the morning like a lot of people do. This will also help you avoid the need to consume caffeine to feel more awake. Not only that, it alters the brain chemistry which leaves the mind and body feeling positive and motivated.


Mother’s Helper – Hybrid


This is one of the most wanted cannabis for those suffering from chronic pain or ADHD. It is a multi-dimensional hybrid that not only helps with the psychologically based issues but also with medical ailments. The aroma of the cannabis smells similar to that of coffee, with some earthiness and sweetness to it. A little bit of the Mother’s Helper goes a very long way if you consume this drug far too much you might suffer from bouts of anxiety and jitteriness. This is often the go-to choice for those who have diagnosed with ADHD.


Jack Herer


This is also one of the most famous strains in the market as of today. This strain helps the person uplift, energize, and mentally stimulate, this one is perfect for those who want a good dose of energy during their busy days. All you need to do is consume a little bit of Jack Herer and you will be energized for the entire day ahead.


Sour Tsunami


This marijuana seems specifically made for those who suffer from being able to focus or be productive but do not respond well to high THC levels. This is CBD dominant marijuana which relaxes you and at the same time lets you complete a hefty amount work.




This marijuana holds the same reputation as that of Jack Herer. It is popular amongst the employees and the stressed out due to its capabilities of being able to combat depression and fatigue. It insulates the person with heaps of energy with just a little bit of consumption.


Purple Trainwreck


This marijuana comes with not just properties of building energy, but also with a lovely lemon and berry scent with a tinge of spiciness. Since it is a strong marijuana type, the effect of it is pretty strong and quick. So you need to be very mindful so as to not consume more than the required amount.
Marijuana may have been notorious for their calming properties, so much so that they render the user unable to work, but using the right strains in reasonable amounts will bring more benefits than one can think of.

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