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High Sobriety – by its definition, addiction is a dependence and unnatural attachment to any substance that is habit- forming. Overcoming it can be a monumental task since the condition takes both the mind and body hostage. Medical cannabis has been known to break that cycle and help patients on their way to healthier lives.


To understand addiction, we need to understand how it works. Take those who abuse crystal meth for instance. Overcoming an addiction to this drug is considered to be more challenging than others since most abusers fail to end their struggle. Many are so scared of the debilitating withdrawal symptoms that they keep using meth.


How medical cannabis helps meth addicts recover, also known as High Sobriety


This is where medical cannabis helps them. It is known to reduce those symptoms to levels that addicts can tolerate long enough to get over their addiction.


When a crystal meth addict enters a rehab program, the first thing they undergo is a detox of the body. This involves the addict to refrain from using the drug or any other substance they are abusing. Besides helping the addict to become sober, the process flushes the body of all toxins that accumulated in it due to the abuse.


However, a detox is not exactly easy on the one undergoing it. During this time, they are wracked with anxiety, severe irritability, an increase in appetite and fatigue, depression, sweating and an extremely strong craving for the drug. The severity of the withdrawal depends on how long and how much the addict abused the drug but the resulting discomfort can be unbearable regardless.


During this period, most recovering addicts become reclusive and find no joy in anything they try to do. Unlike heroin withdrawals, meth withdrawals can be quite emotionally and physically draining and traumatizing to boot. Medical marijuana is considered to be the only way to make this painful period bearable enough to prevent a regression.


One of the benefits of medical cannabis for the treatment of meth withdrawal is that it alleviates the anxiety and depression that accompany it. If a recovering addict cannot sleep because he/she is too anxious to, it can lead to a regression that can see them turn to the meth again for comfort. By consuming medical cannabis they can reduce those symptoms and have a restful night’s sleep which can go a long way in healing their mind.


That is one of the main ways this plant improves mood and it also improves an addict’s outlook on life. This helps them regain their joy in living that meth took away from them which can lead them to a healthier lifestyle. This makes a huge difference in an addict’s recovery especially if they have fallen so far off the deep end that they have difficulty returning.


How medical cannabis helps alcoholics recover


Besides helping crystal meth addicts recover from their addiction and lead healthier lives, medical cannabis is also known for helping alcoholics the same way. This treatment gets little attention as cannabis is usually used to alleviate symptoms of complex and common conditions such as Cohn’s Disease. However, it is just as effective in helping alcoholics leave the drink.


Known as AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) or ADS (Alcohol Use Disorder), this addiction can lead to a lower quality of life that no one deserves to go through. Heavy drinkers report that they turn to the drink no matter the occasion. If they are celebrating something, they drink. If they are depressed, they drink. If they are happy, you guessed it. This leads to a vicious cycle in which each day begins and ends with alcohol which gives little to no time for the body to recover.


This is where medical cannabis comes into the picture and particularly its healing effects. Unlike alcohol, consuming cannabis is not habit forming and it can allow those who are recovering to remain in a state of euphoria as they go through the detox. Contrary to popular belief, they are not swapping one addiction for another as medical cannabis can be consumed safely without the danger of addiction.


Since medical cannabis is neither habit-forming nor addictive, it has little to no withdrawal symptoms. This is unlike other opiates such as tobacco and heroin which have painful withdrawal symptoms that are hard enough to be traumatic and painful.


Alcohol withdrawal comes with serious physical symptoms that can debilitate those who are trying to recover. This includes an increase in heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, low or high blood pressure, tremors and in severe cases, hallucination. If those symptoms are not treated, they can prove fatal for those who have weak constitutions.


Needless to say, this is a public health issue that affects tons of people across the globe and also affects the loved ones who are concerned for them. With cannabis, both can heave a sigh of relief since it is not addictive and can distract addicts from those symptoms. It suppresses the often violent bursts of anger that addicts can exhibit and which often makes them turn on others. It does this by inducing a sense of euphoria that soothes shattered nerves and helps addicts relax.


Keeping this in mind, doesn’t cannabis seem a plausible solution for addicts who otherwise have an uncertain future? Alcohol and tobacco seem to be the only legal solutions they can find to alleviate their depression or which can allow them to leave the world behind for a bit. As cannabis becomes legal in Canada, more and more addicts will get on the path of recovery through High Sobriety.


Medical cannabis is known for inducing happiness. It is the one thing that traditional medication, not even sleep aids, promise to do. Most knock us out leaving us more worried and damaged than we were before as their side-effects kick in. This effect alone is more than enough to help other addicts with substance abuse issues leave healthy lives and become productive members of society. You can buy weed online to make access easier. It is available in online dispensaries.


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