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How you can consume medical cannabis safely

medical marijuana administration is an alternative medicine that is used by patients across the globe to reduce the painful symptoms of several medical conditions. This includes complications that do not respond well to traditional healing methods and drugs. Cannabis or marijuana is also known to have several therapeutic properties that no other medication (including OTC ones) can provide.


When used responsibly, medical marijuana has the potential to provide patients and their caregivers a new lease on life. Due to its diverse use, there are a number of ways this drug is consumed, but determining the way that suits you can be confusing. This simple guide can help you make an informed decision about the products you buy and try out.


Start slowly


The best way to start a course in medical marijuana is to start with a dose you can tolerate. This means you should take a small dose in the beginning and then increase it a bit when you can take more. The effects can take a while to manifest depending on your tolerance level so until you feel them, do not increase dosage.


The good news is that medical cannabis has a wide margin of safety so you won’t overdose if you are careful. Caution is always a good idea if you are using it for the first time and until you understand the effect it has on you. The dosage recommended will depend on the condition you want to treat.


The factors that impact the effects medical cannabis can have include:

  • Your physical health.
  • Environment
  • History of use
  • The strain you choose
  • Method of consumption
  • Your health
  • Diet and exercise regime
  • Mindset or emotional state.


How to consume medical marijuana


The following are common ways you can use medical cannabis for its full benefits:


Smoke it


The most popular delivery method of cannabis is smoking and the way it is made is unique. The marijuana is dried and then rolled up into small cigarettes or joints. When it is lit, you can inhale the medicinal benefits of the drug through the smoke and feel its effects immediately. That is one of the reasons why this method is preferred.


The cannabis can also be placed in a pipe or bong. All you need to do is light the end and then inhale it. The benefits are almost instantaneous such as pain relief, nausea relief among others. You can experience some irritation in the beginning when you are starting out or coughing fits but that will alleviate with time.


The reason why you can feel the effects of cannabis instantly through smoking is because the administration is consistent. A pipe or bong is more effective because it does not have an open end like a cigarette and which can make you lose some of that smoke.


Eat it


Medical marijuana is also edible in certain forms. Some people tend to bake them in brownies  but it is also available in the form of chocolate bars, crackers and even ice cream. Edible marijuana tastes good too and you can manage the dosage more easily. The relief it provides last a long time but it can take a while to kick in.


Depending on your tolerance level you might have to wait anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours for the effects to sink in. Make sure that all of the edibles are hidden away from kids and pets though.


Even though edible marijuana is slow to take effect, but most users prefer it over other methods and especially those using medical cannabis for the first time. When it is eaten, the drug travels through the digestive system before it is absorbed in the bloodstream. A number of organs also get involved in processing it.


This process enhances the effects and thus the benefits of cannabis and makes its incorporation more effective. Even though it might take a while to kick in, the potency of the effects will more than make up for it.


Spray it


There are some marijuana products that you can spray directly in your mouth for instant relief. Sprays or tinctures are made of a mixture of cannabis extracts, oil, glycerin or alcohol and they can be purchased in small bottles. These are absorbed in the mouth and the process does not irritate the esophagus or the lungs.


Think of it as a kind of vaporizer whose dosage you can control easily. The taste is quite mild and not overwhelming at all. Even though it can take some time to take effect, the benefits you get will more than make up for it. The best way to use it is to start slow and then increase dosage as your body gets used to it.


Marijuana sprays or tinctures are made by soaking the plant in either water or alcohol for more than a month. In this time, the plant transfers all of its water-soluble components into the liquid it is soaked in to create an infusion. The liquid can then be sprayed and ingested safely. Dosage is small so don’t take more than a few millimeters at a time under the eye or in the eyes. You can also add it in your food but only if you don’t mind slow absorption.


If stored correctly, tinctures can maintain their potency for a long time but they can evaporate if they are exposed to the air. So, put a few drops of the liquid under your tongue to get the complete benefits. The spray acts immediately when it is absorbed through the skin since it then goes directly into the bloodstream. That is why you can measure your dose through a spray easily enough.


Medical marijuana is a great alternative for traditional drugs but only if it is used responsibly. Like most drugs you can overdose on it if you are not careful. The methods mentioned here will help you start your treatment on a safe footing.


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