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The benefits of cannabis are vast, we have summarized a few benefits here, but you can read the complete list of health benefits of cannabis here.

Marijuana vs Prescription Meds – Why marijuana is always preferable

There is a reason why big Pharma does not want cannabis legalized as a medical aid. They know the benefits it offers surpass the ones prescription meds offer. In fact, medical cannabis is actually healthier in comparison – most prescriptions drugs come with harmful side effects that can level a grown man!


Even though there are some skeptics who believe cannabis should not be used as a medical alternative, the facts speak for themselves. Here are some ways medical cannabis trumps over medication prescribed for common ailments:


It targets diseases along with their symptoms


Most chemical based medication targets the disease it is meant for but only focuses on the symptoms. Think of them as pain killers that mask the pain but do little to alleviate the condition. Medical cannabis on the other hand, can treat diseases while managing the symptoms that crop up. Take cancer for instance. Studies have shown that cannabis can kill cancer cells and prevent it from coming back. It does this by preventing new tumors from forming which means it also makes patients feel better after.


Overdosing isn’t possible


Drug addiction is a serious problem in the US – approximately 17k people die per year from prescription meds and not all of them are involuntary. Children as young as 12 can become addicted to them if they are exposed to them from a young age.


As opposed to this, it is not possible to overdoes on medical marijuana. Adults can get addicted to crystal meth and cocaine if they use them to get high but not cannabis.


This is particularly useful for treating ADHD and ADD symptoms. The treatments for these conditions are highly addictive and this includes the prescription drugs used to treat them. For example, methamphetamines such as Ritalin are used to increase attention spans of individuals who suffer from these learning disabilities.


While it gives them the jolt they need to pay attention, bear in mind that it is also sold as an alternative to Speed. While it will give you focus for 6 hours straight, it will not take prisoners as it leaves your system. Besides being highly addictive, these drugs over-stimulate our nerves leading to hallucinations. Cannabis prevents this by freeing up natural dopamine in the brain that prevents this over-stimulation.


Increases appetite and reduces nausea


We know a lot about what can make us fat and what we should do to lower our calorie intake. The media bombards us with the latest diets and exercise regimes that can shed those pounds ‘like that’. However, it’s about time that malnourishment and anorexia also shared some of that spotlight.


Caloric and vitamin deficiencies can lead to a number of health issues which can be as fatal as those that are caused by obesity. This includes but is not limited to heart failure, Chron’s disease,


Besides eating disorders, some people also suffer from chronic nausea and appetite loss. They want to eat, but they just throw up everything they consume or lose the will to eat altogether. Cannabis is known to induce appetite and thus help you get the energy that your body needs to survive and thrive. The best part is that unlike prescription meds, you won’t gain excessive weight so you don’t need to worry about over-indulging.


Improves sleep


If you are unable to sleep at night because anxiety prevents it or you suffer from insomnia, prescription sleeping aids are not the only solution. While these can get the job done, over time patients tend t develop an immunity to them that can compel them to overdose.


Cannabis alternatives such as cannabis oil works to relax the mind and body by lowering energy levels. This allows our body to slow down gradually by slowing down heart rate which leads to a clear mind. The result is a night of relaxed and uninterrupted sleep and a fresh mind in the morning. Sleeping pills can take a while to flush out of the system leaving users groggy in the morning as well.


Relieves arthritis pain


Arthritis is one of the most painful conditions you can get. Imagine all of your joints stripped of the tissue that prevents them from rubbing together. Depending on the type you have, the pain can range from mild to unimaginable. It can develop from joint to joint and stiffens joints to the point that moving them results in unbearable pain.


The main cause is joint inflammation which can be treated with prescription meds to an extent. However, the clincher is that most of them just act as pain killers and not very good ones at that. Cannabis infused oil is known for alleviating that pain for long periods of time and it also reduces inflammation at the same time. Applying the oil before bed can help you get a restful night’s sleep free of the pain and discomfort of arthritis.


Little to no side effects


One of the main issues with prescription drugs is the number of side effects that come with them. This can range from mild effects such as nausea, fatigue and constipation to extreme ones such as vertigo and hallucinations. Several people also develop immunity against their meds which compels them to increase their dosage without a doctor’s advice. This leads to serious life threatening conditions that might require more drugs to treat.


Cannabis that is used for medical treatment does not result in harmful side effects and the dosage is easier to manage as well. As mentioned before, it is very difficult to overdoes on it. At most you might feel slightly dizzy, tired or experience low blood pressure all of which is easily remedied with rest. That’s because medical cannabis or marijuana has lower THC levels. This leads to fewer to no side effects.


Bottom line is that you have to pop pills if you depend on prescription meds. The more you take, the higher the risk factor. Cannabis on the other hand comes in a variety of forms. It can be smoked, eaten and inhaled which allows users to incorporate it in their daily lives easily. So, which one will you choose?

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